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Commander Charlie Jones 636-391-8258 E-mail
Executive Officer Ron Frerker 314-895-3770 E-mail
Administrative Officer Marilyn Morris 314-576-2887 E-mail
Education Officer Ed Bialecke 636-395-7825 E-mail
Secretary Bill Morris 314-956-4488 E-mail
Treasurer Doug Warden 636-255-0533 E-mail
Asst. Treasurer Rosemary Bialecke 636-395-7825 E-mail
Immediate Past Cdr. Terry Elia 636-462-4655 E-mail
Member-At-Large Pat Casey 636-391-1255 E-mail
Member-At-Large Gus Elia 636-462-4655 E-mail
Member-At-Large Marlene Warden 636-255-0533 E-mail
Law Officer Andy Minardi 314-997-2018 E-mail
Chaplain Millie Steffe 636-938-6420 E-mail
Property/Supply Officer Gus Elia 636-462-4655 E-mail
Port Captain - Carlyle Lake Ron Frerker 314-865-3770 E-mail
Port Captain - Mississippi River Ed Bialecke 636-395-7825 E-mail
Port Captain - Lake of the Ozarks William Henderson 573-207-0416 E-mail
Coop Charting Ed Bialecke 636-395-7825 E-mail
General Safety Terry Elia 636-462-4655 E-mail
Legislative Officer Andy Minardi 314-997-2018 E-mail
Liaison: D30 & Gove'tl Ed Bialecke 636-395-7825 E-mail
Public Relations Officer Charlie Jones 636-391-8258 E-mail
Radio Technical Officer Charlie Jones 636-391-8258 E-mail
Vessel Safety Check Doug Warden 636-255-0533 E-mail
Boating Activities - Alton Lake Ed Bialecke 636-395-7825 E-mail
Boating Activities - Lake of the Ozarks Bill Henderson 573-207-0416 E-mail
Cruise & Rendezvous Ed Bialecke 636-395-7825 E-mail
Meetings & Programs Marilyn Morris 636-255-0533 E-mail
Membership Terry Elia 636-462-4655 E-mail
Membership Involvement Terry Elia 636-462-4655 E-mail
Operations Training Ed Bialecke 636-395-7825 E-mail
Photography Gus Elia 636-462-4655 E-mail
IT/Webmaster Gus Elia 636-462-4655 E-mail
Dryrot Editor Gus Elia 636-462-4655 E-mail
Nominating Committee Terry Elia 636-395-7825 E-mail
Nominating Committee Rosemary Bialecke 636-395-7825 E-mail
Rules Committee Terry Elia 636-462-4655 E-mail
Auditing Committee Robert Steffe 636-938-6430 E-mail
Finance Committee Open  
Midwestern Pilot Correspondent Rosemary Bialecke 636-395-7825 E-mail
Ensign Correspondent Rosemary Bialecke 636-395-7825 E-mail
Roster Chairman Charlie Jones 636-391-8258 E-mail
Squadron Historian Terry Elia 636-462-4655 E-mail